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Float glass production line: The automatic on-line defects detecting instrument was imported and installed on the 1st production line in 2000, and it's the first glass enterprise to adopt CCD technology in the country. The precision of the detecting machine can be 0.1mm to dot defects, and the machine can automatically make quality classification in 24 hours a day.

Longmen ultra-thin float glass production line: An automatic on-line defects detecting machine which precision can be 0.05mm to dot defects was imported for the production line in 2003, and it is connected with the cross cutting machine for optimum cutting of the real sense. Production can be made according to the quality requirement of the customers.

A microcosmic wave monitoring instrument was imported from abroad in 2004 to ensure the control of the flatness of the ITO glass substrate below 0.15 m.

Curvature of the glass can be inspected according to international standards with the self-made machine.

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